Welcome to Premier Outdoor Living

At Premier Outdoor Living (“POL”), we are on a mission to create innovative, synthetic outdoor living products that enable carefree backyard living. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer service, and we are dedicated to the growth and success of our collection of premium outdoor living brands.

Homeowners and businesses alike look to us for products that not only bring comfort and beauty to their outdoor spaces, but are also extremely functional and durable.

We believe in investing in our brands and our people. Together, our brands leverage our collective industry experience and innovative thinking to deliver the best outdoor living products to customers across North America and beyond.

Our Synthetic Backyard Product Categories


Extruded “poly” lumber sold to makers of outdoor furniture, signage, agriculture equipment, and docks/walkways.

Spa Cladding & Products

Profiles and fabricated panels made to exact size specifications for individual OEMs.

Outdoor Furniture

Residential and commercial furniture made from “poly” extruded lumber sold direct to consumers or to online retail partners.

Other Outdoor Living Products

Pergolas, decorative shutters, and other backyard products made from “poly” extruded lumber and sold through e-commerce channels.